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I love meaningful conversation over a cup of good coffee, lightning bugs, watching dads play with their children, español, listening to people share their passions, the smell of lilacs, spending time in nature, chalk, cheesy jokes, G2 pilot pens, playing the guitar, color coordination and children’s laughter.


But I guess I should make it clear on the “about me” page that it’s not about me.

Here is a piece of my story, as it fits into one that is far beyond the life and dreams of Jenn Holden:

Three years ago, I left the home of my parents and the life I had built there for the adventure of college. I graduated high school, giving a speech: “I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I want to spend the rest of my life being a teacher.” Those were the famous last words of Jennifer Holden, the high school graduate, both marked and defined by a loving family, a relatively comfortable life in Dublin, Ohio, a crammed social schedule full of beloved friends, school school school, and a collection of trips to an orphanage in La Misión, Mexico. The list goes on…


Fast forward to the first week of college. I’m sitting outside of the Bridge Café, a coffeeshop inside of my dorm building, sipping a latte and sharing meaningful conversation with a new friend. As we shared our passions and experiences, a dream was born.

“What if we just go? Why not?”

These words challenged me, as I thought of the faces of orphans and abandoned children that I had met, the experiences I had accumulated throughout my short life, and what could possibly be holding me back.

What would it look like to follow Jesus wherever he called me? To surrender my plans to his dreams? To step out of the boat of my comfort and walk on water? To “act justly, love mercy and walk humbly”?


In the coming weeks, months and years, I have discovered and wrestled with these possibilities. I am still seeking. It is these questions that mark my college journey and my growing heart for the world.

I don’t have answers nor do I have the ability to fulfill these wonderings and dreams.

But I have the journey that I am given today. I have a big God who gives me opportunities and passions beyond what I can imagine. It has already begun. This heart and these passions are not my own—this story began long before me, and will continue far beyond me.

With a Spanish degree in hand and a growing passion in my heart, I am moving forward in the direction of my God-given dream. The next scene in this story will take place in Monterrey, Mexico—a year in pursuit of the orphaned and abandoned children.

These are the days, moments, faces, experiences and relationships that I want to share with you.

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