A Christmas poem

Many months before her birthday the excited questions begin
“Jenn, cuando cumplo años yo?” She asks with a grin,
Anticipating the day when the celebration will be all about her
To balloons, party guests and presents her mind begins to wander
Can I go to the movies with my friends she asks today
Tomorrow a new idea will develop as previous ones fade
Then maybe a frozen-themed party at the Casa Hogar
Or maybe dinner at a buffet followed by a ride in a bumper car
The possibilities are endless and her imagination starts to soar
Cake, an Elsa dress, family, friends and presents galore

You see for 364 days of the year she is one of thirty-nine
Her heart craves the day where attention and celebration is “all mine”
So we joyously celebrate each and every one
However they choose, we relish in the birthday fun
He chooses a party with a transformers theme
Another precious one is celebrated “under the sea”
She saw a movie with her best friend and mentor
While a family dinner is all one 10-year old asked for
I absolutely love to see their smiles and the looks in their eyes
As we dutifully unfold each birthday surprise

So, in short, life at Casa Hogar del Norte
Has come to include a love of birthdays
Little by little we are learning what it means to give
Preparing presents and cards for friends and sibs
But most of all, we recognize the incredible worth of each kid-
Infinitely valuable, amazingly beautiful and uniquely created
As this year comes to an end,
I thank God for each opportunity he has chosen to lend
To get to know these precious ones and love them so
In hopes that in simple things like birthdays, the Father’s love may show


This season we get to throw the best party of all
The birthday of a precious savior we recall
Celebrate we must for His life is the greatest gift
In the crowds of Christmas we stop and allow our attention to shift
To the one who so long ago was sent from above
A snapshot of the Father’s glory and perfect love
Bringing hope for glory in desperate places
Like a stable, a humble town, a children’s home and other such spaces
So happy birthday Jesus – I love the excitement of your day!
Let us celebrate fully the grace, joy and peace your life sends our way!


As of today, Christmas cards have been sent! If you don’t get one from the precious Del Norte kiddos & I this year and would like one next year, be sure to send me your address!

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