Thin places

Sometimes I describe these daily occurrences as miraculous. And it’s true. I could go on and on about the everyday miracles that I live here- Tadeo using his beautiful words to ask for things time and time again, sweet Vicky’s voice being used and heard, laughter breaking on the lips of a once hardened face. . . And then there are moments like last night that feel maybe even too profound and beautiful to merely describe as miraculous. Crazy, right?!

But lately there is a Celtic concept that has captivated me and it sometimes seems closer to what I am experiencing than even just miracles. It’s called “thin places”. It can be defined as a space where the boundary between heaven and earth is thin. While the concept is not based in Christianity, I find it to fit pretty well into my prayers to let His kingdom come. Because sometimes his kingdom does come down, open up and in moments like that, heaven feels so close to earth. Thin places.

For the last several months and weeks, we have been in the midst of detail preparation for an annual party put on by a visiting group called Las Aguilas. The party is called a tent party because we rent these giant tents and underneath them on our Back2Back campus, we gather all the children’s homes that we work with. We eat delicious steak tacos and then worship Jesus all together. Last year I missed the party for a stateside wedding, so when yesterday rolled around I had no clue what to expect.

20140622-110800 p.m.-83280216.jpg

Nonetheless, I can tell you that the last thing I expected was the moment I will now call a thin place- the moment when those three brothers, all of whom carry a darkness in their eyes and walls around their hearts, surrounded me under that tent. Front row. Jumping up and down as we sang praise songs to Jesus. “I give you glory.” “you are my freedom.” They were not only listening to and joining in with those words, but they were engaging them with their whole bodies as sweat dripped down our foreheads and backs. Big smiles. Joy. Freedom. Laughter.

In that moment, holding hands and jumping with the three of them, among other kids from del Norte, I glimpsed heaven’s victory. I experienced a thin place.

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  1. Connie Tucker says:

    Jenn, what an awesome moment and experience! God Bless all you do!

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