Praying in secret

A few months ago, Jesus put a project in my heart for the kids that I have been falling in love with, and now it has finally begun. It started with a dream and continued with a massive purchase of blank sketchbooks on Amazon. While at home for Easter, I carefully labeled each book with the name of one of my kiddos.

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Next, I called together friends, family and supporters from home at an event that we called “a prayer-raiser”. Right there in my parents’ living room, we worshipped together and my friend Lathania shared with us about the power of prayer. Then we put her words into practice, each person grabbing a book or two, which included photos of each child, and beginning to pray. We prayed in color, in written word, in boldness and on paper, filling the books with dreams, encouraging words and big prayers.20140603-125511 a.m.-3311422.jpg

To me, these beautiful moments of people I love praying for kids that I cherish around my backyard, living room and kitchen was the beginning of a movement that I hope lasts for years to come. I dream of continuing to fill these books with memories, dreams, children’s artwork and prayers throughout the years and asking others to do the same.

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Then, as they leave the children’s home or reach a significant milestone in their lives, we will be able to present them with proof of answered prayers, sweet childhood moments and most of all, a Daddy God who loved them so much that he sent people consistently into their lives to live life with them, encourage them and cry out to Jesus for them.

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And I pray that the impact is deep. That those who pray, write and draw in these books would experience the Holy Spirit in a powerful way as they stand in the gap, and that the kids are overwhelmed by God’s love as they someday flip through the pages of a book created just for them.20140603-125514 a.m.-3314568.jpg

But in the mean time, we pray in secret. We store up memories in these books that my kids don’t even know exist. And we invite more people to join the #chdnprayerproject and lift their voices. Because their story is not over yet, and as we write out our prayers, we plead for God to write a story of redemption and rescue, trusting that in his love, He will answer.

If you desire to contribute prayers to these books, send me an email at and I will send you names of kids!

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  1. Connie Tucker says:

    Jenn, they are so blessed to have you in their lives.

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