Falling in love

Tonight, I am wishing for words to express the feeling that my heart could just about explode- or maybe it already is bursting with a love that runs deep and wide. I so badly want to convey to you the incredible beauty and complexity of each of the 35 children that I crossed paths with today. I want you to know the way that my heart beats fast when I get to see their smiles, kiss their faces and hear about their days.


Oh, but so much more than that, I want you to know the joy of knowing them—each one individually for their quirks, hobbies, personalities, struggles and beauty, which I am still discovering little by little.

photo (9)

So, I think tonight my words fail me. And maybe that’s what it is like when you try to describe falling in love. Maybe I can try to communicate with metaphors, but this love ultimately leaves me breathless, empty in the most fulfilling way possible. I wouldn’t trade it for anything—they are so wonderfully precious.

And I think in this process of feeling and knowing more deeply that words can share gives me a glimpse, if only a very small one, of the Father’s love for his children- for me, for you, for the orphan.

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