The Harlem Shake

The other day, I ventured out to deliver some of my roommate Jenn’s homemade banana muffins to some of our neighbors. One great thing about living in community is that not only can you share banana muffins, but also you never know who or what you might run into when you walk outside…clip_image001


My friends Raziel and Erika, who are both pastors of a church and house parents at Back2Back had a sweet vision at the beginning of this year to start a ministry with the teens who live on our campus. The dream was that they would not be served, but have the opportunity to serve others–specifically the kids in the children’s homes where they also grew up.

The teens were totally ready to step up and absolutely love the chance to serve! It has been really beautiful to watch them, as they present dramas and clown sketches (a very cultural thing here in Mexico). They have learned to share their testimonies in a variety of ways, including but not limited to their words. It is beautiful.


…So, on Thursday night as I stepped out of my house to make my delivery, I discovered that the teens were rehearsing their dramas in the big palapa. I can usually identify the days that they practice when I hear “Everything” by Lifehouse (for their drama) immediately followed by “Eye of the Tiger” (to which they perform their clown sketch). This evening, as I walked toward the palapa, I noticed that in between several repetitions of “Everything”, they were playing silly songs and dancing around like crazy—so full of energy!

So, naturally the spontaneous decision was made that between their rehearsals of the powerfully spiritual drama, we would record our own harlem shake video. Of course. and so we did:

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