Awesome Concert :: A Mexico Fundraiser

Tiki torches and paper lanterns light the fresh night air, as my bare feet wander from conversation to conversation. In the background, a collection of incredible voices and instruments collide. I am surrounded by people—strangers, acquaintances and friends—beautiful interactions and opportunities. It was so far beyond what I could have imagined. The details were woven together so perfectly, and I could not help but to smile. I have been given such a gift.


I am confident that this event had little, if anything, to do with my planning. The idea was dropped into my mind, affirmed by several friends and made possible by the interaction of many people’s gifts.

A home with the space, availability and a family that is amazingly gifted in hospitality.

Twelve talented musicians, who I happen to be friends with.

Family and friends dedicated to the creative setup and smooth sailing of the event.

Churches and individuals who used their connections to extend the invitation to a variety of people.

Talented photographers, capturing the moments we shared.

A friend with outstanding baking skills, willing to donate her time and delicious cupcakes.

Over 150 people—including life groups, friend groups, families and individuals—who attended the concert, offering me their support, stories and generous donations.

It was an absolute joy to be surrounded by so many people, enjoying music, food and each other’s company. I appreciated the opportunity to see and interact with so many lives. I cannot wait to continue the journey with you.

I am reminded again that I am a part of a grand story, an involved community and an opportunity far beyond me.

Thanks to the people who contributed their time, talents and gifts. I am thankful for you.


Stay tuned for stories from another successful fundraiser this past weekend…

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